Shark Games – How To Escape From The Scary Jaws of Sharks?

There are many excellent water games including the scuba, and surfing, but the shark games have something more than any other game by far. The ability of shark to sense the prey miles away with the acute hearing is astounding, one can easily sense that during playing the newer games like Hungry Shark. There are many Shark games; you can play as shark, as survivor, or just catching the Shark depending upon your choice of game really.While playing the Shark on Island, the fast movement and action in water makes the people in island easy prey. If you are playing the moderator, try to keep them away from the water to make sure no shark can detect them. While at the later stages when the water level rises, this staying away from water gets quite difficult. Often kicking is the only way to make the people to stay on beach, but only a few people should be kicked out in each time. The game does gets exciting when the number of people increase on the island and space gets smaller.If you are playing game shark on the PS2, adding the cheats are not that difficult, this way you can ensure being ahead of the game in many ways. Here are few tips on this. The fist step is to open the expert cheat mode, open the game and press the option button in them. Select the game and then press the new cheat before pressing right to add new one. Type the code and save the cheat on the memory card too.The goal of the Hungry Shark is to devour fish, and staying alive. The player is shark and one has to eat the different fish. The iPhone version of the Hungry Shark is quite easy to play with the inbuilt accelerometers. The fun part of this game is the Scuba Snacks that looks quite like chicken. The bonus is easily achieved after eating an entire school of fish. The only difficult area is really the Caves of Doom. The only enemy of the shark you should look out for are the boats, and avoid being caught by that Jellyfish.